Super Moon and New Pub… “Blue Moon”

Backdrop for Gateless Writing Retreat in Connecticut

Backdrop for Gateless Writing Retreat in Connecticut

They say the July full-moon was the Super Moon and, WOW, what a super month so far! I just got back from a week-long teacher training retreat on the lovely shores of the Long Island Sound in an old summer camp straight from the category––CHARMING––along the rocky coastline of Guilford, CT.


This was one of those “blow you away, gut you out and put you back together, then turn you around” weeks. The kind of weeks you know you were born for. The kind of week you never want to leave. But you do leave. And you start spreading the GATELESS high and the Suzanne Kingsbury love to the people you love and the people you’ve yet to meet: your family, your students, your clients.

Here’s what we did..

Listened, Laughed, Loved

Composed, Shared, Cried

Ate, Walked, Downward-Dogged

Got Thai-Yoga Massaged (Thank you, Karen Kenney; I’m still integrating and gratifying.)

Got GATELESS, which is to say, learned how to open up new ways to teach writing, kind ways, purely positive feedback ways, the “what’s working-so do more of that ways”.


Hayden Helps Nona Plan the Garden

Hayden Helps Nona Plan the Garden

While there, steeped in my writing bliss, cranking out the new stuff, soaking up the love, I caught wind that one of my fictions went live on-line. “Blue Moon”  is a story that came out of some raw place when I was feeling scared for the safety of my own children and grandchildren and turned to fiction to help me sort it all out. Some kids make it and some kids don’t and if you’re lucky to have the kind that does, well, that’s not really easy, either. Blue Moon is published  on-line in Contrary Magazine’s Summer 2014 issue. Contrary Magazine has a vision. It’s this…

“Turning words into art is unnatural. It begins with a contrary attitude. It says, I am unhappy with the way things are and desire to make things different. Rather than represent the world, I will make something wildly and savagely new. I will defy logic. I will invest in new perceptions. I will combine and recombine and fabricate and juggle until something that I have never experienced is experienced. The process is alchemical. The process is violent. It goes to the heart of creativity. It disrupts and shatters. It is splendid with provocation. It is an aggression against banality. It is sharp and loud like a janitor scraping frost from a window. The hectic bounce of steam on a street after a truck roars by. The anarchy of waters, the comedy of the face, dangerous feelings vented from a cage of skin.” ~ John Olson  (From Contrary Magazine About Page)

Many thanks to editors, Frances Badgett and Jeff McMahon for believing in the work.

Thanks to the illustrious and talented Gateless Method teacher, Suzanne Kingsbury and the eight other beautiful writing women who graced the Super Moon retreat. Watch  us here, thanks to Jeff Woodward, image magic maker and storyteller through the lens.

And may you all believe in your work and in the work of others. And may you all have a Super summer!