Jodi Paloni on the transformative capacity of books

So honored to be a part of Bill Wolfe’s Read Her Like An Open Book and share some words about the import of books in my life.

Read Her Like an Open Book

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A year ago, I moved from Vermont to Maine. The neighbor boy counted my boxes of books as he helped load them from the house to the moving van. Fifty-one. His father asked me, “Do you actually read all these books?” I answered, “I either do, or maybe I will.” I flew off to organize the people upstairs, who asked more simple questions. “Should we mop the floors?”

A visitor to my new house commented, “You have more books than a person could ever possibly read. No, I mean it. It’s not even possible to read all of these books, one person, in one lifetime.”

So I thought about it. If I read two or three books per week (which happens only some of the weeks) that’s approximately eight to twelve books per month, so let’s say ten, which averages 120 books per year. I began to count my books…

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Books are here!

My debut collection of linked short fiction, They Could Live With Themselves, published by Press 53 is now available. At your request, personally signed books will be shipped out within a week of your order. You can jump over to my new author website,  Jodi Paloni, to place an on-line order for your books.

Or, if you prefer, send me a note (, order directly from the publisher, Press 53, or buy a copy from wherever books are sold.